Joel Goyette (Designer and Founder)

Joel Goyette (Designer and Founder)

I fell in love with woodworking in the eighth grade.

I was thoroughly amazed at how much fun it was to transform a piece of rough, raw lumber into a beautiful peace of art. Beginning with butcher block, I soon graduated to the lathe, table saw and joy of being covered with aromatic sawdust.

Later that year, a journey to visit a friend had me set foot on foreign soil for the first time. Destination: Brazil.

Like many, the travel bug bit hard and early. My high school education wasn't complete without a year in Argentina, and University without stints in La Coruna, Spain and Rio's largest favela, Rocinha. 

What better decoration than a map? 

My collection of wooden world maps draws influence from my love of exploring faraway lands, languages and lifestyles. They serve to remind us where we've been and *hopefully* inspire where we'll go next.

Special thanks to TechShop  San Francisco.

This collection of hardwood maps began at TechShop San Francisco, a place for creative types, doers, designers and inventors to turn their visions into reality. Extra special thanks to all of the staff on site to answer questions and provide support.

 Dedicated to the late Delmer Murphy, early pioneer of wooden cartography and source of inspiration for this collection.